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Friday, February 9, 2018

Library Taking Over

The library has taken over my life. Even on my day off, I am planning library events, posting about the library on Facebook, writing newspaper articles about library events, and brainstorming about new activities to try.

I'm not complaining. Not really.  It does give me a break from housework and watching Hubby's choices of tv shows, and it give me a social outlet.

This week has been especially hectic. I'm in the middle of a big restructuring project with our DVD collection.  We have almost 700 DVDs that we loan to patrons.  So any changes to the collection take time. Lots of time.  

Then I got a call on Tuesday that the new carpet for the library is in stock and the carpet installers will start laying it down on Monday morning. Can I please  move all of the nonfiction books off the shelves and take them to the back room so the workmen can move the shelves easier?  Sure. No problem.   Nothing else to do. ;)

I have an event to plan called Take Your Child To the Library Day that was originally scheduled for February 3.  I postponed it to March 3, in hopes of missing the flu and nasty weather that has been prevalent this past month.  I'm still trying to find games, contests, and activities for that. 

And it's almost time to start planning our Summer Reading Program for the kids.  That is a huge project involving 4 different days of activities, speakers, music, and encouraging the kids to read, read, read.  There is a contest to see who can read the most in the time between the first session and the last session, about six weeks apart.

On top of all that, I have my regular library chores to do.  But I love it. Busy time goes much faster than slow times.  I love books.  

This weekend, I will have a day to myself, that's something rare now that Hubby has retired. I hope to spend it doing some art, and some writing in my novel.  I'll probably do that in the library too.

Yeah, the library has taken over my life. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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