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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Write or draw and paint: What to do?

I feel I am being drawn back into my writing lately.  I seem to sway back and forth between wanting to draw and paint and write.  I do some art each month with my Clifton Art Buffs, but it never seems to last long enough to satisfy my urges.  

The workshop we held last summer was awesome. It gave me the chance to work on my art for three days with only mealtime to interrupt my work.  If I had a decent place to do my art here at home, I would be so thankful.  My house is like a doll house.  With two of us living here, plus the two dogs, I'm feeling claustrophobic sometimes.

But the writing is where I feel the most comfortable. I can do that even with the cramped spaces.  All I need is a comfortable place to sit and a place to put my laptop, and I'm in business.  

I'm back in WVU again, taking some minor classes, just to keep those muses busy.  I hostess the Lee's Cafe in the F2K class, where the students come to socialize, and check out the word games and writer's prompts I offer.  Once the classes get started, though, I'm often there by myself, because the students are busy working on the lessons. 

I'm dusting off my novel once more, A Door in Time.  I've decided to introduce more characters into the story, including one who will cause my lost teenagers even more problems.  I don't want to spoil the story by telling too much right now. But I'm hoping to spend some hours working on the story, perhaps at the library, where I won't  have the tv, hubby or two needy dogs distracting me.

I hope to update my readers on my story, plus other writing activities I'll be doing here on this blog.  There are some other topics I'll be discussing also.  More about that later.

Please pray for the victims in all  the recent terrorist attacks.  I just can't understand why people are doing this. I'll be praying.

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