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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Odds and Ends

I attended another library workshop yesterday.  I sometimes complain about them, because I usually have to drive quite a way to get to them, but actually, I enjoy them. 

It's a day out, I'm not working in the library, but I'm not at home watching old reruns of Gold Rush and The Deadliest Catch either. Right now as I'm typing this, he's watching Moonshiners.  He's convinced that some of his ancestors may have been moonshiners.  I think he might be right. 

I am  getting ready for a party at the library. It normally would be a home party, but my house is too tiny, too messy, and I have two little dogs who would bark and raise Cain.  So I have my parties at the library instead.   It's a Signature Homestyles party--like the Home Interiors, but with more class.  I've invited over 60 people, and they should have received their invitations by now.  I did get one back yesterday.  I'll have to call and personally invite her.

I'm really tired tonight.  I think I'll cut this short and go to bed. I do have some prayers to make.  Scot Finkbiner is in the hospital fighting to keep his arm. He's already lost his leg above the knee on the left, and his arm is badly injured too since his car/semi crash.  I found out tonight that my sister-in-law's mother-in-law has passed. and I have a host of other people who are either ill or have lost loved ones lately.  The world is such an uneasy place.  God save us all.

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