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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Holiday plans

I spent several hours last night re-typing some newly found but previously lost chapters of my novel, A Door In Time.  I thought I had lost them when the laptop I had stored them on crashed unexpectedly.  But thank the Lord, most of them were already printed out on paper, so now I can get them back with a little effort.  It was like getting an early Christmas present.

Speaking of Christmas, we are in a quandary again this year about where to spend the holidays.  Our daughter goes to her mother-in-law's house every Thanksgiving Day, then stays there to take part in the Black Friday sales.  My mom went to my sister's last year, my brothers both had places to go.  So we went to a neighbor's house.  It was nice, but we really felt a little out of place, not because of any lack of hospitality on our hosts' part. They were VERY gracious and friendly, and we had a good time there.  It just wasn't our family.

We have talked about going to the American Legion's annual Thanksgiving dinner at the armory. I've been there once. It was good, but not very cozy in a huge room with strangers, sitting on folding chairs along long tables. By the time I got there, most had already left.  Last resort.

I could just cook dinner here at home for the two of us.  Or we could go eat in a restaurant if any are open on Turkey Day.  We could go eat with his dad at the nursing home. For reasons best unmentioned here, it's better off that we don't do that.

We'll just have to discuss this further and come to a decision. I know Dennis is very disappointed that his family has abandoned the large family dinners that we always had when his mom was alive.  I find it sad that there is friction among siblings. Especially at holiday times. It's almost like the family died along with his mom.

I'll post later on what we decide. We will be traveling from Nov. 30 til Dec. 3. Driving to Colorado Springs for a weekend with our granddaughter and great granddaughter. We are looking forward to that. It will be little Maliyah's 3rd birthday on Nov. 28. She is growing up so fast!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season this year. Remember your lost loved ones and make new traditions and memories.  You won't regret it.

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