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Monday, November 13, 2017

Great News for me!

I'm really excited. Next week, I will be restarting on my novel, A Door in Time.  A while back, I had a computer crash. It had my latest chapters from my story on the hard drive. I thought I had lost all the new parts. 

Then, last week, while cleaning out a cupboard, I found a 3-ring notebook.  Inside, was a copy of my manuscript, including the new chapters!  I reread them, and with just a few tweaks, will able to use them in the final draft.  I thought I was going to have to either rewrite those chapters or just leave them out.  Now I can simply edit them along with the other chapters and I'm that much closer to completing my novel.  There were probably 10 chapters that I didn't have on my computer.  I'll have to retype them, so it will take a little time, but nothing compared to the time it would take to rewrite them.

I started working on this novel in 2007. It's now 2017, almost 2018.  

It's time.

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