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Friday, October 13, 2017

My Wish For Teresa

I wish I could go back
To the way it was before
when you were still with us
and standing at our door.

Mom, can you watch my kid?
I need to study tonight.
I’ve got a big test tomorrow
and sleep she’s trying to fight.

I loved to spend time with her
she made me feel young again
she reminded me so much of you
the way you were back then.

And now, she’s all grown up
and moved so far away
how I wish I could change her mind
and bring her home to stay.

you were so proud and happy
a nurse you finally would be
you worked so hard and long
for that license you wanted to see.

the fire that took your life
was such a tragedy
I hope the scholarship we made
can help set your soul free.

please watch over your little family
your daughter is hurting deep inside
and your granddaughter is so sweet
their pain they try to hide.

we love and miss you dear
our daughter you’ll always be
 in a special place within our hearts
where your soul can forever fly free.

Dixie Barnes
c. 2017