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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Chasing My Tail!

I know. I've not been posting very regularly.  This time of year always gets crazy for me.  We have several graduations, all on different days, and in different towns. We have had birthday parties, confirmations, First Communions, and my house is gross, because it has gotten so dirty.  So I'm jotting this down quickly so I can get back to cleaning before I go to work at the library.

At the library, I am in charge of planning and implementing our annual Summer Reading Program for toddler age patrons on up to 8th grade.  It's not always easy to find activities that will please that wide of an age range.  So we are planning a few for each age, and hopefully I'll have enough volunteers to keep the kids busy.

Ok. Better get back at it.  Have a nice day everyone!