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Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year, New Beginnings

Yesterday, January 1, 2017, we began a new year.  With the new year, we get a chance to make new beginnings, continue that which works, and eliminate that which doesn't.  So I'm thinking about which way I need to go from this point onward.

No, I'm not planning on getting a divorce, or quitting my job.  I love my husband, and I love my job.  In fact, today is our forty-sixth wedding anniversary.  Our relationship is stronger than it ever was.  Rather, I'm trying to decide what priorities to set in my life from this point forward.

One of my resolutions is to get my house back into shape.  Since we closed our store "Eagles Nest Boutique", I brought a lot of the unsold merchandise home with me, and it is stashed all around the house.  I want to make a concentrated effort to find homes for most of it.  A yard sale may be in the future.

I have not been working on my art or my writing much at all in the past year.  I hope to renew my interests in both.  I have family who are asking why I never paint anymore.  They looked forward to seeing new paintings and drawings.  My house is so small that there doesn't seem to be much room to set up my paints and canvasses.  Perhaps once I get rid of the store stuff, I will have a little more room for my art.

My writing has also been neglected.  I have a novel that is almost finished in rough draft.  It is time to finish that rough draft and start editing it.  Then I can see about publishing options.  Space is not the problem here.  It's motivation and concentration.   I am resolving to start writing almost daily this year.  It might be on this blog, it might be newspaper articles for the library, or it might be short stories, or my novel.  I want to write some books for toddlers too.  

I want to work on improving my health this year too.  I need to walk more.  Back pain has been a huge issue for me in the past few years.  If I keep getting the back injections that are so helpful, I may be able to get back to walking short distances again.  I would love that--to be able to go for walks with Dennis, to ride bicycles with my granddaughters, to be able to shop with my daughter.  I'm praying for a little relief for my back so I can renew my exercise routines.

I want to do a great job at the library. I've not heard any complaints, but there are aspects of the job where I know I haven't been able to achieve much progress.  I want to change that.  I have so many displays I want to make, programs I want to initiate, housekeeping chores that need done, and so much more.

I want to be able to divide my time between family, job, and work, while maintaining some equilibrium.  I want to keep my faith in God as a priority, and find ways to serve Him more selflessly. 

The above resolutions are achievable, if I keep my priorities straight.  If I stop wasting time on Facebook games, or at least keep them to a minimum.  I'm going to print out my resolutions on a poster, and place it on my computer desk.  I'll enlist Dennis to remind me of my family priorities.  The library board has already listed priorities for me, and our board meetings help to enforce them.

Lastly, I'd love to wish all my readers, family and friends a very happy New Year, and I wish the coming year to be safe, healthy and full of wonderful experiences and faith.

Happy New Year!

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