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Friday, October 7, 2016


Today is the second day of my vacation.  I had planned to work today, but when I talked to Lee Ann, the other librarian, she said she could handle it today and told me to just enjoy my time off and not think about the library.  I don't think she realizes how much that place has gotten under my skin and into my heart.  I'll probably wonder how it is doing all week.

We've been busy packing and getting ready to leave tomorrow morning.  We have been watching the weather, which has been crazy this week. Just about 8  miles east of here a big tornado touched down and did some damage.  There have been videos tracking it from south of Salina, Ks. up as far north as Palmer, Ks. and possibly beyond.  I haven't heard of anyone being hurt or killed, but I know there has been property damages.  We only had a few branches from our Sycamore tree fall into our yard, and that happens every time we get a slight breeze.  I call it our Sick-a-more Tree.

To the east coast and south, Hurricane Matthew is currently wreaking havoc, with hundreds killed in Haiti and the Bahamas.  Property damage from winds, and flooding will be in the millions, if not billions.  I keep praying for the people who live in those areas.  My sister-in-law, Linda Tuberville, lives in Florida, but one of their sons says they are safe in Phoenix, Az. right now, so that is a relief. Other friends in the region have posted on Facebook that they are safe, so I am happy.

In the northwest, where we planned to go, snow and ice have been falling.  We are hoping that will clear up so we won't be stuck in a snow drift somewhere.  We are taking Becky's two youngest daughters with us, so that will be quite an experience.  I hope they don't get too bored with old Grampy and Grammy.  We plan to take them to Mt. Rushmore, Chief Crazy Horse Monument, Devils Tower, and other area sites.  Then we hope to go on to Yellowstone Park and share those experiences with them.   I'm praying we can make it a safe and fun trip for the girls.

Anyway, I need to finish my laundry, so I don't have a pile of sour, moldy clothes when I return.  Have a safe and beautiful week, my friends!

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