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Friday, October 7, 2016

A country wedding

Recently, Dennis and I attended the country wedding of our niece, Shanae Thompson and her husband, Bret Spears, of Scandia, Ks.  The wedding was an outdoor affair, located on top of the hill behind my mother's house.  

Everyone gathered at my brother, Tom's home, and parked in the pasture.  From there, we were transported by hayrack pulled by tractors to the altar site near the summit of the large long bluff, which borders the Republican River Valley, a mile east and a mile south of Norway, Kansas.

A soft rain fell on the guests, as we waited for the wedding to start. Umbrellas were popping open everywhere. I had two umbrellas, which were taken by granddaughters to use. I shared one with my daughter, Becky, as we sat on planks stretched over hay bales near the altar, which consisted of a table with their picture in front of a PVC construction with white curtains blowing in the wind.  Very simple, with sunflowers in little vases as decorations.  It was all very quaint, but with the stunning view from the top of that tall hill as background for the ceremony.

Casual wear was the order of the day, with most of the men wearing their blue jeans and button down shirts, and the women wearing print dresses with cowboy boots.  The bride looked stunning in a traditional long white gown with lots of ruffles.  Very feminine, it was not quite what I had expected from her, as she has been a lover of hunting, fishing, and other outdoor sports.  But she was gorgeous.

Following the ceremony, we all rode the hay racks back down to the house, and everyone drove their cars to the Community Room in the Norway Gym.  It was the gymnasium where I had played basketball while in grade school, where I served as cheerleader in eighth grade, where we did physical education, and where countless family get togethers have happened since the school closed many years ago.  I would not have recognized it if I hadn't known where I was.  

Tables running the entire basketball court were covered in glistening white plastic tablecloths, with candy kisses and miniature Reeces Peanut Butter cups along the middle of the tables, which didn't last long, as everyone was starving.  The aroma of foods cooking made everyone's stomachs growl and twist with hunger. 

Chandeliers made from wagon wheels, and mason jars covered with tinsel, were hanging from the basketball goals, which were tied up at each end of the court.  I know, it sounds cheesy, but they were really quiet beautiful.  I couldn't get a picture of them, because they were so bright in the darkened room that they looked like balls of fire.  Little vases and jars of sunflower blossoms adorned the tables.  

There was a meal served with several kinds of meat, and other goodies.  However, Dennis was getting antsy, and didn't want to stay for the meal or the dance.  So we said our goodbyes and left.  I wish the new couple every happiness and a long life together.

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