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Monday, April 25, 2016

Insurance Woes

This has been an extremely frustrating and stressful week.  We are having almost daily weather threats.  So far we have been very lucky that none of the tornadoes have hit our town, but our sympathies go out to friends and family in the way of the storms around us, who are having damage.  We desperately need rain for the crops and our flower and vegetable gardens here, to fill our ponds and lakes, and replenish our river.

Dennis has been frustrated by delays in getting his shoulder replaced.  He has fought his severe pain for many years, and now that it is within "view", the tiniest of delays have become almost insurmountable in his mind.  We are hoping that at the latest, his surgery will take place in early June.

I have been enjoying my job with the local library.  I am working independently under the supervision of the head librarian and the library board.  I know that sounds confusing.  I took a few days of training, mostly in the computer program and the process for interlibrary loans and processing new materials.  I am in charge of ordering and maintaining the children's library section.  I read to the pre-school and kindergarten age kids on Friday mornings.  That is fun, most of the time.

My major problem right now is that I am without health insurance at the moment. We had shopped around before Dennis retired, and signed up with Blue Cross Blue Shield with a reasonable policy.  I told them I wanted it set up on an automatic debit card payment plan every month.  I thought everything was set.  The insurance company had my information and were actually paying claims.  Suddenly, everything went south.  My first indication came when my pharmacy said my insurance claim for my much needed diabetic meds was being declined by Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  They said I was not covered.  What?  My blood pressure rose about 50 points.

After calling the company, it seems that the automated payments were not going through.  I remembered that the bank had changed our debit cards recently and there were new expiration dates on them. Why we hadn't heard from the insurance company about this, I have no idea.  But they cancelled my insurance plan.  Now, to get my medications, I have to pay full price. OUCH!

I will be calling again tomorrow to see if I can get that decision reversed.  In the meantime, please keep us both in your prayers.  Dennis, for a successful surgery, and me, that I can get insured.  The Good Lord has always answered my prayers for most important things.  I know he will help me now.

Thank you for reading my rant. Have a wonderful week.