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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to All!

Christmas Day, 2014.  The sun is shining, with a stout wind howling around our house.  We were up early this morning to attend Mass at the church we attended for over 40 years, in Clifton, Ks. 

Memories of Christmases Past came flooding through our minds.  A look around revealed many of the same people we remembered from years ago, but they are now older, with similar lines on their faces and hair turning gray, like ours.  A new crop of babies and small children were making their presence known in happy nonsensical syllables and thumping the backs of the pews with their feet.

The service was the same, with much the same music. I was disappointed, though.  The prayer I sent to God as we said our private prayers at the beginning of the service for a clear voice to sing God's praises was not granted. I started to sing the beautiful Christmas carols, and was rewarded with squeaks and croaks, not the clear voice I hoped for.  Much of the time, I could not get any sound out at all, as a result of a lingering respiratory illness, getting its last licks in my body.  But the service was still beautiful, Father Larry's message was somehow written just for me, as usual, and before we knew it, we were on our way back home.

We came home for a few brief moments, then headed for our daughter's home for an early Christmas lunch, with spaghetti, cheesy garlic biscuits, relish plate, and leftover desserts and goodies from our Christmas Eve celebration.  The grandkids were playing with their Christmas gifts, and everyone was in a good humor.  The oldest grandkids were already napping.

After lunch we returned home, and took a long nap, which was very enjoyable.  We will return to Becky's house again for supper. I hope to hold my new great-granddaughter, Maliyah Marie Clemens for a while, and have a good visit with family who live close by. It has been a great Christmas.

I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, to our Jewish friends, a Happy Hannukah, and everyone else, have an awesome week.

I pray for peace in our country, unity in our government with Christ at the helm, and an end to the fighting and wars.  I pray for our military, that they might have a measure of peace in their section of the world.  For the sick and dying, a return to good health, for the bereaved, peace and acceptance in their loss. For the traveling on this holiday, safe arrival at their destination, and good weather. 

Merry Christmas to All!