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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Catching up--again.I I

A lot has happened since my last post.  The trip to Colorado, Phoenix, the Grand Canyon, The Arches and returning home was very challenging to me, but I did enjoy all the photos and scenery. 

The high point for me was attending my granddaughter's wedding on July 15, 2014.  My mother and my sister, Linda, were also present.  We visited the Shrine Mountain Zoo and the Will Rogers Shrine.  The views were awesome and we took tons of photos. 

The birthday celebration with my Aunt Lucille was very enjoyable for me. The expressions on my mom's and aunt's faces as they kissed hello and good bye were priceless. I met cousins, aunts and uncles I never knew existed. I saw a painting I had done and given to my aunt as a past birthday gift. It was like visiting a long lost relative.

Returning home was a happy day.  During the trip, my left hip and my sciatica made riding in a vehicle torture.  I was taking Lortab like candy and still having pain of a high level. I could not get comfortable except at night when I was lying down.  I was very glad to get home.

The next week, after our return from Arizona, was spent in doctor's offices, Dennis' cancer surgery was scheduled for August 5.  I postponed my much needed surgery until Sept. 23.  I was glad I did, though, because I couldn't imagine being crippled up and having to walk up and down those hospital halls, nor the thought of poor Becky having to take care of two of us following our surgeries.

We both recovered from our surgeries, Dennis is back to work after a long time being laid up. The community, headed by the local Sons of the American Legion, hosted a benefit for us to help with medical bills.  It is so awesome to live in a small town, where our neighbors actually care about us.

My store, which I co-own with Carol Chavey, is still doing business and we are expanding our inventory line.  This weekend, we will be setting up at a local craft fair.  This will be the start of a busy holiday shopping season. 

I have re-enrolled in Writer's Village University, and am taking a class in writing fiction for children.  I'm excited to get started with my writing again.

Life is returning to something resembling "Normal" again.  I can't wait to see what life throws at me next.