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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Pilgrimage

Invited to accompany my sister, Linda, and my mother, Opal, on a trip to Arizona to attend the 100th birthday celebration of Mama's sister, Lucille, I was in a panic.  I was scheduled to have my left hip replaced on August 12, I had just opened my new store, Eagles Nest Boutique with my partner, Carol, and I had just learned that my husband, Dennis, has prostate cancer and would need surgery as well.  His surgery is scheduled for August 5.  

He would barely be out of the hospital and still quite ill when my surgery was due to take place.  The trip to Arizona, while being an awesome opportunity to spend some time with Mama and Linda, was really not convenient at this time.  But I couldn't turn them down.  It might be the last time Mama would ever see Aunt Lucille.  Both are getting older and their health is deteriorating quickly.  And it would be great to see the Southwestern states.  So I agreed to go.

I postponed my surgery until September or October.  It is not scheduled definitely at this time.  Although I suffer severe pain at times and am quite handicapped at this time, I feel better about doing it later, so I can be there for both my mom and my husband.  By the time he gets out of his convalescent time, I will be able to relax after mine. 

So, today, I have been packing for the trip.  We leave early tomorrow morning.  I'm leaving my dogs and my house to the protection and care of my daughter and two granddaughters.  I hate leaving my dogs behind, but they are not good travelers, and we really will have no room for them.  My sister is driving her late model SUV, and it will be full with suitcases, bags, bottled water, and other "stuff."

I have my suitcase already in the car, crammed to near explosion fullness, and other "essentials" that I just can't leave behind.  Tomorrow morning I will pack my toiletries and  my computer and take off for Norway, Ks.  I'm leaving my car at my mom's house, where my brother and his wife can keep an eye on it. 

I am taking two cameras and my computer so I can post pictures of the trip every evening to Facebook. I hope I can get some good photos of the Grand Canyon, Pikes Peak and other places we plan to go.  We are stopping in Colorado Springs to visit my granddaughter, Regan, who is living there.  There is a strong possibility of an informal justice of the peace wedding while we are there.  Regan is expecting her first child November 18.

My store will be well taken care of in the capable hands of my partner, Carol, and her daughter, Mariah.  It has been fairly successful so far, and we hope it will increase in value as time goes by.  We are looking forward to adding to our merchandise line.

Dennis came home from the truck yesterday evening.  He relaxed for about 45 minutes at home, then we went out for supper at the local cafe.  When we returned, he received a call from his dispatcher.  Bad news..he had to get back in the truck and leave for Minnesota.  So he won't be home to see me off tomorrow.  No worries, we have lived like this for over 40 years. He knows I'm carrying his love with me, just as he carries mine with him, wherever he goes.  Such is our life.

Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, I will have connected with my granddaughter, Regan and her fiance's family, and our pilgrimage will be off to a great start.  Until then, please keep us in your prayers, that we all get to our destinations safely.  Good evening, everyone.