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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Prom Pangs

Tonight is supposed to be a special night for some of my grandchildren.  It's prom night. That magical night when romance is in the air, the young ladies are dressed up in the floor length gowns they have shopped for months to find.  Their hair is soft, flowing down onto shoulders caressed with glitter and ribbons.  Hours are spent putting the makeup on, finding the perfect accessories, and donning those high heeled shoes purchased just for this occasion. 

Everything is perfect, the dress fits like a second skin, the hair is elegant, the jewelry glistens on her chest and her wrists.  The corsage is lovely.  But then, everything falls apart.

It appears the young man has had second thoughts.  He has decided he doesn't want to go.  

Through the tears, she keeps her head held high.  Her parents are livid.  So much money has been spent to make this night perfect for her, but that's not the worst part.  The damage to an already painfully shy psyche is unrepairable.  She loves her young man.  Apparently, the feelings are not returned.  

As a grandparent, we feel so badly for her.  Her brother is taking his beloved young lady to the dance. Their night is going well.  But he feels badly for his little sister and wishes he could make her night just as special. As we do.  But there is nothing we can do but be there for her, and remind her of what a beautiful young lady she is.

Proms are one of the most special events in the life of a young teenage girl.  She has a need to feel like a princess and to be treated like one.  She needs to have a young man she can depend on, who will treat her like she is the only young lady in the world, and the most beautiful. 

It has been said that boys mature more slowly than girls at that age.  They don't have the same feelings about proms. They would rather go turkey hunting or fishing, or camping with the other young men their age. Some would rather go to a keg party and get smashed. Dressing up in a tuxedo and spending money on a girl is not as much fun as spending it on their car.

Tonight has been ruined for my granddaughter.  Hopefully, she will get beyond this and find herself a young man with more respect for her.  If he didn't want to go to prom, he should have told her that early on and not allow her family to spend the time and money on getting her ready for a date that was not to be.

My heart breaks for her.  It reminds me of my own high school days, when I, too, was stood up for dates. It really hurts. She is such a beautiful young lady. Smart and talented,  she could have just about any boy in that school.  Hopefully, she will find one before next year's prom.  One that will treat her like the princess she is.

I love you, sweetheart.  We are here for you. Don't let this immature young punk ruin your school year. Don't stay with someone that will treat you like the dirt on your shoes. You are worth so much more than that. You are a princess.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Unwritten: G is for Gangrene by Dixie Barnes

Unwritten: G is for Gangrene by Dixie Barnes

It's official! I'm old!

That's right..I'm officially old!  I signed up for early retirement today, and applied for social security benefits. I still had four years before I will be fully vested, but I really can't see my health staying well enough to complete another four years of full labor.

I have officially retired from nursing, even though my license is still good for another year and a half, and I have just recently renewed my CPR certification.  I have recently learned how to do the MDS+ coordination work and can still do work where I can sit and stand alternatively.  I cannot stand for more than ten or fifteen minutes without having severe pain in my lower back and hips.  I really hadn't planned on falling apart quite this quickly. What the heck happened?

I can sit at a computer and work for hours. But the jobs that allow that have already been taken.  And at my age, no one wants to hire an old fat lady to work for them.  If they do, it's at minimum wage...which is a hard drop down from my nursing wages.

I thought I would apply for a postal job this past week.  I visited with the local postmistress, and she said they were hiring. But it had to be an on-line application.  I paled when she said that, because I knew my past history with online applications.  Not good.  Nevertheless, as soon as I got home, I immediately tried to access the postal site.  Wow!  I've never seen so many hoops to jump through!  First you have to get an account.  I already had an account from shipping with my online sales businesses.  Next, I had to have a profile.  It took me two days just to get the computer to cooperate with me to get a profile set up.

There were a bunch of tests, a manual to download, and a fee of $39.95 to pay for all of it.  I've never had to pay a fee to apply for a job before! What is up with that?  The application also asks for search information, on where you want to work, what positions you want to apply for, and asks about your work history.  I'm used to the last questions, I have my resume up to date, but not much of it seems to apply here, as I am switching from nursing to postal work.

At any rate, I still have a ways to go to get this application completed, and I have heard there are three other applicants at least.  What if the job has already been filled?  All that work for nothing?

I do have my Paparazzi and Pink Zebra to fall back on, if push comes to shove.  Those are also hard on my back, when I have to load everything into the car, unload them at the event location, set them up, take them down, load them in to the car, unload them at home and put them away again.  But I can make some money, if I can handle the back pain.

My dream of having a store front property to set up my jewelry, Pink Zebra, and art and crafts seems to be just a pipe dream.  There are no store fronts available that are in any good condition, unless I drive for at least 15 miles.  I had hoped to set up here in my hometown.

Well, I have complained enough for one day.  Money is getting very tight. I have no money in the bank, and am down to less than $10 cash, with no prospects to make any money, except for online sales of Paparazzi right now.  I hope to set up my jewelry in a store downtown for an afternoon or two, to make some cash. I am sorting household stuff to sell for some easy cash.  And keeping my eyes open for any desk jobs.  I'm getting off my butt and looking for work, while at the same time realizing my physical limitations.

Wish me luck!