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Monday, October 1, 2012

Entrepreneur? Moi?...

I started a new home business a couple of months ago.  I was browsing around on Facebook (a bad habit I have when procrastinating).  I saw a post by a lady I didn't know.  She was talking about a party she was having for Paparazzi.  

I had never heard of this company.  Prior to that day, the only Paparazzi I had ever heard of had definitely negative connotations, as in teams of photographers hounding celebrities for candid, unauthorized photos that they sell to cheap rag magazines.  So I was not really impressed by the name.

But something kept calling me back to that post.  I must have scrolled my timeline several times, going back to that post.  I had been looking for a direct marketing business that I could do that would be a little different than the Avon, Tupperware, candle peddling businesses that I knew from our area.  I had sold Sarah Coventry jewelry years ago and loved doing it.  This might be just up my alley! 

So, I sent the lady a message.  We chatted on Facebook about it for a few minutes, and then I asked, "So how do I go about signing on with this company?"  I was hooked.  I visited the website, read everything I could find about it, and visited with Holly, the independent consultant I had first contacted.  Before the day was over, I was an independent consultant and had ordered my beginning sales kit.

I took the jewelry to my workplace and showed a piece or two every day to my co-workers.  I had a couple of bookings right away.  People were buying the jewelry faster than I could order it.  I thought, wow, this is so cool.

I know not every day will be smooth sailing.  I have had disappointments in this business, mostly because people already in the business before I started had already booked the largest events in my area, leaving me with only a few smaller events, and the parties I could book.  But I absolutely love it when someone asks, "do you still sell the jewelry?" and ask to see it.  I rarely show the jewelry but what someone doesn't buy some of it, if not for themselves, then for gifts.

With the holidays coming up, I'm hoping for some great days ahead.  I'm offering special hostess rewards for this month, since this is my birthday month.  I've booked some Christmas shows already, and I'm always watchful for new people to sign on to be consultants themselves.

We have city wide garage sales coming up next week, and I'm going to have my sign out in front of my house, offering special bonuses for anyone who buys 5 pieces of jewelry or books a party.  We can't lower our prices...every piece of jewelry sells for $5 + tax, except for the Starlet Shimmer pieces for little girls, which sell for $1 + tax, but we can offer free pieces for door prizes and sales incentives.

I have booked the annual Clyde Christmas Craft Show for my Paparazzi, and I'm looking forward to showing it to people then.  I had a booth at the Clyde Watermelon Festival, and sold close to $200 worth in the morning hours.   

I'm always open. Just give me a call, or do a search for my page DixiesDesigns on Facebook.  Send me a private message on Facebook if you'd like more information.

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