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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Family Crisis

I’ve had a peaceful week here at home with just my dogs, and an occasional visit from my grandkids and daughter.  Did some writing, played some computer games, cleaned some house, and played with my dogs.  Even watched some television.

So it was like a rude awakening to get a call from my son, Jason tonight.  I knew he had been having some problems breathing, and was getting tired easily.  Becky and I had been urging him to see a doctor.  Finally, he did.

He saw a doctor, tests were run, and today, he got a call from the doctor that he was to have a stent placed in his artery tomorrow morning in Topeka.  His artery was almost 100% blocked.  They urged him to start taking aspirin to ward off a heart attack, and gave him instructions to follow starting at midnight tonight.

His wife, Jackie, will drive him down to Topeka in her car tomorrow, and I will follow in my car, with Becky riding with me.  It might have saved some gas money to ride together, but this would give us greater freedom to come and go as we pleased.

I have notified my mom, and we have notified Jason’s brother and sister.  I also messaged Dennis’ sister and, of course, Dennis, who is stuck out on the road with his truck.  He feels terrible that he can’t make it back before the surgery.  But he may be needed to help bring Jason home later on.

After losing Teresa thirteen years ago, this is especially frightening to me.  I cannot even imagine losing another of my children.  The thought is incomprehensible.   It is just becoming easier to live with Teresa being gone.  How can I start all over with another child gone?

So, if I seem a little distracted this week, I hope you will understand why.  I’ve got a lot on my plate right now.  But I trust in my God, that he will protect Jason and bring him through this crisis.  I trust that he will give our family the strength to be strong for Jason.  And I believe that everything will be ok.

Now, I must get to bed, so I can be alert to drive to and through Topeka tomorrow.  It’s going to be a very long day.


  1. Oh my I'm so sorry to read this from a week ago. I pray things are better at this point. Life is fragile and certainly temporary. I hope your son recovers and you have many more years together!

  2. My prayers are with you and your family, Dixie. I'm sure he will be fine. Stents are so much better than drastic open-heart bypasses, right? But, it is always scary no matter the case, and especially when it hits so close to home.

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