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Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Holiday Holy Day

Holidays/Holy Days

On this Easter Sunday, my thoughts turn to current events and the strange situation our country has entered, bit by bit, day by day, without realizing the danger we are in.  The secularization of our country started quite some time ago, but during the past ten years or so, we have found that our religions, especially the Christian religion has become endangered.

Our country was based on religious freedom.  That means we have the right to believe in the entity or the faith of our fathers, or whichever faith we choose to embrace.  Most of our colonists were Christians, who were feeling religious pressure in the homeland.  They came here with the hopes and dreams of millions of others who wanted to worship the God of their fathers without persecution.

For a long time, Christianity was a strong force in this country.  But this has been eroded by those who feel fear or revulsion for any religion at all, and by those who would force conversion at the point of death to a faith not of the Christian’s choosing.  Laws against prayer in schools, against religious celebrations in public, even against the mention of God in public have become commonplace.

At the same time, the media, including newspapers, radio, and television, and internet sources are propagandizing against Christianity.  Movies that desecrate Jesus, prayer, and other religious celebrations are on the rise.  Christmas is especially under attack.  Many companies are so afraid of offending customers, that God, Jesus and Christmas are not allowed to be uttered by employees.  "Merry Christmas" was a greeting I grew up with, but many businesses insist on saying "Happy Holidays" now.  I never had reason to resent this until the atheists began attempting to remove God from the courtroom, from our money, and from every aspect of my life.  Now I boycott businesses that will not reply "Merry Christmas" when I greet them at the front door.  Mel Gibson made a movie a couple of decades ago about the Passion of the Christ.  He was brought under severe criticism and the toll on his career was devastating.

As the criticism of Christianity increased, so, as well, did the immoral behaviors in our society.  Clothing styles in many cities are obscene in their display of skin.  Tattoos and body piercing has become the new norm.  Those that revere the body as the Temple of Christ are appalled, but are told these aberrations are art, not garish displays of body mutilation. 

It’s no small wonder that our children are confused. Some see their parents getting tattoos and piercing, once only found in the drug-infested areas, and yet hearing their parents tell them they shouldn’t do drugs because it is unhealthy. 

They see their parents drunk and stoned in public.  Many are unfaithful to their spouses, and marriages are ending by the millions.  Where is the happiness?  Where is the love?

It’s my opinion that until we find our way back to the standards we once shared—until our families find their way back to God, Family and Country, that this downward spiral into Hell will continue.  It is not the responsibility of our government to tell us who we can worship.  It is not the job of our government to take over every aspect of our lives.  It is not the purview of our government to tell us how to raise our children.

I see our country heading toward a dictatorship at an alarming rate of speed.  We can no longer stand by and allow those who would destroy our great Nation do so without taking a stand for our rights and our freedoms.

I love my God, my family, and my country.  I intend to do whatever I can to help keep it a strongly independent nation, one that resumes the use of the constitution that was written at our country’s infancy.

I realize that I have become old, infirm, and have very little power, either financially, physically, or politically.  But I do still have the Power of the Word, and the ability to create documents using my own words.  That can be a powerful tool.

I strongly suggest that if you feel similarly, that you write or call your congressional representatives, and let them know that you will not tolerate the elimination of God from your life.  Let them know that if they do not share your convictions, then perhaps it is time for them to leave office, so that the People can have their Country back.

For those who are in agreement with the direction this country is heading, I have only pity.  Those who believe that the government owes you a living, owes you a free ride, are in for a serious disappointment.  A parasite can only live and breed on the host for so long before it ruins the health of the host and kills it.  Then the free ride is over, and the parasite dies as well.

I wish everyone a Happy Easter, and the wisdom and the vision to see what is happening around this nation.   God bless America.

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