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Monday, April 2, 2012


B is for Books

I love collecting books.  I have a wide variety of books in my home, and also in the old house that I am struggling to sort and eliminate due to cramped conditions in my new home.

My favorite books are those that color my world.  My art books have brilliant colors and a wide variety of techniques from  commercial artists, as well as the masters.   I am in the process of sorting through them, and sharing them with others who love art books.  This is as difficult for me as giving away my dogs or my children.  Unless I build on a library to my home, I have to do it.

Sharing top billing for favorites are my writing books.  I have how to books for fiction, poetry, song writing, copywriting, editing, grammar and punctuation, novel writing, crime novel writing, humor writing.  I use these books frequently in my writing craft.

Bible study books are high on the list, too.  I have several Bibles, some are the standard KJV, Catholic Bibles, and Max Lucado Story Bibles, as well as children’s Bibles.  I have books on how to study the Bible, books on grieving and praying.  I have the entire series of the Left Behind novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.  Some of these I have duplicates.

I have many of my nursing textbooks, also those of my daughters’ from their time in school.  I take several nursing magazines. I have books on medications, both over the counter and prescription medications.

There is a large section in my library of history books and photo journals. I use some of these as research material for my novels and stories.  I have books of the history of Clifton, and other nearby towns.  There are dictionaries, thesauruses, grammar and punctuation, chemistry, photo books of dogs and horses and cats.

I also have quite a few fiction books.  Romance novels, historical romances, contemporary romances, mysteries, thrillers, and many others.

My office is full of bookcases, but even so, I have boxes of books.  If my house ever catches fire, it will be like a tinder box.  I have given many books away, especially the older fiction books that I probably would never get the chance to read.  

If you ever find yourself needing something to read, give me a call.  I’ve probably got it.

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