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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A to Z blogs and short stories

Tomorrow starts the April A to Z blog project.  I will be posting every day through April.  Tomorrow's post will deal with something beginning with the letter A.  Monday's post will involve the letter B and so on and so forth.

Actually, since I will be working tomorrow, I took the liberty of writing my A post already and have it saved and ready to go.  Tomorrow I will post it here in my blog for all to read.

I always welcome comments if they are constructive.  I can take criticism, but there's no need to be nasty about it.

I feel pretty good today.  I've been working around the house, and when I take breaks, I'm writing.  I wrote a 4300+ short story and posted it to my WVU Short Story Workshop.  It was an interesting process.

First, I did a couple of 5 minute flash fiction shorts to limber up..much like an athlete does some short sprints to limber up those legs for the long run.  After I posted them, someone made a comment that it seemed as though the two were connected somehow.  That made me think, hey, that's an idea.  I knew I had to write a 3500 word short story.  Why not utilize these two short pieces into one story?  So I did.

What I have right now is just a rough draft.  It's the first printing, so to speak.  Next week we will write a one paragraph synopsis of our story, and the next week we shall start to edit our stories.  I have a feeling I will probably start editing much sooner than that, however.  I keep getting drawn back to my computer and my story.  It's like a young mother, who, after giving birth, keeps going to the crib to look down at that miraculous new human lying in the crib.

Writer's Block is a mental disease that writers often think they have.  In actuality it is a lack of self confidence and a short attention span that causes most of the world's writer's block ailments.  I have been fighting it for almost a year.  But suddenly, this week, I feel as though I might actually finish my novels (both of them).

Then, I'll have to work on Publisher's Block.  But that involves someone else, so it might be a bit trickier.

Wish me luck.


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