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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Beautiful Sunday

Today is the second day of a three day weekend.  This is something that is rare for me anymore.  I used to have 3 day weekends fairly regularly, but after I asked for more hours at work, they disappeared.  Sigh.  I can't complain, because I enjoy and need the extra money, but I do miss having weekends free to spend with hubby, who is only home on weekends...normally.

This week was rather confusing and disorienting.  Dennis surprised me by showing up on Thursday evening.  The recent rains we've had slowed his anhydrous ammonia hauling enough to give him a day at home.  He was almost out of legal hours to work, so he spent Thursday night and Friday night at home, then left Saturday morning (yesterday). 

At first I was a little upset with the situation, because it seems like every time I get a little extra time off from my job, he is gone doing his.  And if I'm working at mine, he's home.  We just can't seem to get it together.

But then, after I thought about it, I decided that this might be a great opportunity to get some things done that I normally let slide while he is home on weekends.  Catching up with laundry, shampooing carpets, sorting clothing, washing bedding, all those little chores that take time and elbow grease could be accomplished while he is gone.  Yeah, right!

Friday, we watched tv and lounged around, both of us wore out from working all day.   Dennis had surprised me at work with a large vase of beautiful flowers, candy, and some lunch.  Unfortunately, the surprise was partially on him, as he arrived just as I was ending my lunch break, and I had already eaten.  Just my luck.  If I had known he was coming, I would have taken my break with him a little later.  

The other nurses and aides kept asking me "what's the occasion?"
"Is it your birthday?  Anniversary?  Did you have a fight and he's trying to make up?"  I just grinned and said "no, no, and no.  He just brings me flowers sometimes "Just because."  Many of the girls asked me if I could get Dennis to talk to their men and clue them in on this behavior.  I told them that they needed to talk to their men.  

Dennis has done this sort of thing since we lost our daughter in 1999. I think it woke him up to the value of family.  He used to bring them to the house and I'd find them when I got home from work.  Then I whispered to him that it would make the co-workers jealous if he brought them to work, and make me feel extra special.
Since then, he has done that.  

For Valentines' Day, he had chocolate covered strawberries sent to me.  They are quite expensive when bought from Shari's Berries, but they are absolutely delish!  And huge!  I love them.  They came to the office at work and it was all the receptionist could do to stay out of them.

Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning a little, playing my Facebook games, attended a bridal shower, and chatting with some friends, then watched some tv before going to bed.  It was a nice day.

This morning, I slept in until 8 a.m. then spent some time on the computer, showered and went to church. It seemed a little strange to attend Mass without Dennis, but I sat with Dale, my father-in-law, who always sits alone since his wife of 65 years passed away in October.  

I stopped by the store on my way home from church, and fixed some ham steak for lunch. The pups greeted me at the front door by jumping up and down.  I'm always amazed at how  high the pups can jump straight up.  They stand about 7 inches high, but can jump straight in the air about 4.5 feet.  They love to jump up and lick my nose while I'm standing.

Right now, they are both napping at my feet on the carpet. Their tummies are full, and they don't know that when I finish this blog, we're going for a walk down the street.  If they knew that, they'd be jumping up on my lap and licking my face.  (That's why I didn't tell them!)  LOL.

Later today, I want to do some artwork.  I've been wanting to start an oil painting for a long time, but have been busy doing other projects.  I'd like to paint something that will be dry before next month when I need to display at the bank in Clifton.  

My F2K class is winding down, and requires a lot less attention now, until the next session starts in May.  I've enrolled in a short story workshop which promises to be totally awesome, with many of my best writing friends involved.   

The weather outside is gorgeous.  Everything is turning green and blooming with the freshness of spring.  The temperature is in the upper 70s, with just a light breeze.  Absolutely perfect day to be outside.

I think I'll go take that walk now.  Have a beautiful Sunday!


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