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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I've done it now!

Well, I've really stepped in it this time.  I was busy reading all the posts in F2K about NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month), which is held every November.  The idea of this month-long event is to get people to writing.  The goal?  Write 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days.  It starts November 1 and runs through midnight on November 30th.

I've known about this event since 1999, the first year it began.  However, 1999 was not a particularly slow year for me.  I lost a daughter in a house fire in February, and gave the other daughter to her husband in October.  In between dealing with mourning one, and trying to keep up a happy face for the other, when I really just wanted to crawl in  a hole and never come out, just about wore me out.

Each year, I've had some reason why I couldn't participate in Nano.  Usually, I blamed it on my job, my health,  family obligations, or just plain laziness.  So I had already decided I wouldn't take part again this  year, and posted it in the F2K forum.

Today, however, a niggling thought came to mind.  If I don't ever try, I'll never succeed.  I would prefer to use my work in progress, DOOR IN TIME for Nano, but the powers that be wish everything to be brand new.  So I compromised.  I looked through my prior writings, and found a short story that I had worked on many years ago.  I never really finished it then.  But ideas for the completion of a full novel based on my character began to flood my brain.  I knew then, that I had to try it.

There is no guarantee that I will finish the project now, but I'd sure like to give it a try.  And once I finish this, maybe I'll have the momentum to finish DOOR IN TIME.  I've even got an idea or two for sequels to that novel.

So, if you don't see much of me in November, don't worry.  I'll be fine.  And if you see me carrying my laptop around, don't assume I'm playing games.  I doubt I'll have much time for those for a month or two. There is no penalty for not completing the 50,000 words, but each word that I do get written will be that much closer to the finish line of a new novel.  And that's what I like to do.

If this post inspires you to do something similar and crazy like me, it's not too late to join in.  Just Google NANOWRIMO and follow the leads to the site, register and on November 1, start  your engines and begin racing toward the 30th and a complete novel.

Anyone care to join me?  I'm registered under NurseArtist1951.  I'd love to have some friends doing this with me.  Perhaps we could even meet to write together.  I happen to know a neat little coffee house close by where we can work.

I'm pumped.  Are  you?

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