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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


There are times when my dogs infuriate me.  This morning, I let them out to romp while I walked across the street to the mailbox.  Normally, they stay in our yard, chasing each other around, doing their business, and sniffing everything they find, but not this morning.

Almost immediately they both took off running to the neighbor’s yard across the street.  I called to them by name, shouting and coaxing alternately, but to no avail.  They ran away even farther.

I knew they would return home on their own terms, so I went back into the house and read my mail.  After several minutes, I turned to look out of the glass storm door, and they were sitting there on the porch, waiting to be let back in.  Their feet were muddy, their long fur full of leaves and twigs.

I let them in for a moment, thinking I would give them baths.  But I was angry with them, and didn’t want to deal with the mess that always comes with baths just yet.  So I took them out to the back yard and put them in their pen.  I gave them some dog food and made sure they had water, but no treats for Bandit and Starr today.

Or at least until I miss them and bring them back in.  They say Shih Tzu’s are difficult to train.  I say almost impossible.  You don’t train Shih Tzu pups, they train you.  I’ll be the one begging for treats soon.


  1. Dixie ~ Love this!

    Try training a Siberian Husky. they can learn commands, but it is still on their terms. I tell Sierra to 'come' ~we if SHE feels like she will, if not, she will just lay there and look at you :)


  2. My dogs are like that too. Although, the only time I really have problems getting my dogs to "come" is when they are outside and I want them to come back inside. Otherwise, they are right in my face all the time, like right now...they are competing for lap time, and covering my face with puppy kisses. They are adorable, but a nuisance when I'm trying to get some serious writing done. LOL.


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