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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Garage Sales

Garage sales, porch sales, yard sales,
One man's junk is another's treasure.
Furniture, clothing, pots and pans,
Bring cash to some; to others, pleasure.
Antiques, baby supplies, toys, even guns,
Something for everyone, second to none.
Traffic jams, people jumping out of cars,
Racing to grab those canning jars.
TVs, stereos, sports equipment,
Does it work? How much do you want?
Can I fit that into my car?
I wonder if I have space for that.
Can I return it if it don't fit?
Will the grandkids wear that?
Is it out of style?  I wouldn't touch that
for a country mile.
My cash is all gone; my time is all spent.
I wouldn't buy that for one red cent.
Time to go home, put my new treasures away,
Until the next garage sale day.

Dixie Barnes 2011

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