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Thursday, November 11, 2010



Veterans Day means a lot to me.
It honors the brave men in our family.
Who left their homes to fight in wars,
Or flew overseas to do peacekeeping chores.

My husband fought in a faraway land.
He was a Seabee and worked with his hands,
Building and defending for Uncle Sam
In a hot jungle place they call Viet Nam.

My son served in the mid-east strife,
As a parent I greatly feared for his life,
But he came home, proud and strong,
A Marine loves his country his whole life long.

I pray that my grandsons will not have to fight,
And risk their lives to do what is right,
But if the time comes for them to go,
They’ll serve proudly, this much I know.

Many women have served their country dear,
Whether fighting abroad, or staying near
To keep those home fires burning day and night,
And praying for those involved in the fight.

So to all of you Veterans far and wide,
I offer you thanks for being on our side.
And wishing you joy and good wishes as I say,
Please have a peaceful happy Veterans’ Day.

Dixie Barnes