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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cuddles, the Bashful Puppy

This is a children's story that I wrote as an exercise about my puppy, Cuddles. I've never submitted it anywhere, but it was fun to write. I hope you enjoy it.

Cuddles stopped in the middle of the street. Her leash grew tighter and tighter until her owner, Dixie, realized she no longer walked beside her feet.
“Come on, Cuddles,” Dixie coaxed. “Don’t be so bashful. No one will hurt you. I am here with you.”
Cuddles pulled harder against the leash. Her little body quivered in fear.
“Come on, baby, come to me,” Dixie urged the frightened puppy.
Cuddles whimpered, pulling as hard as her little body would allow against the strong cord tugging at her body. “Hooowwwlll!” Cuddles fought against the leash.
“Cuddles, we can’t stand in the street. There is a car coming. See?” Dixie pointed to the big bright shiny blue car that had just turned the corner a block away and was headed their way.
Cuddles shrank away from the car, trying to run to the curb on the wrong side of the street, right into the path of the car!
Dixie reached down and scooped the bashful puppy into her arms and quickly stepped to the side of the street, out of the path of the car. She hugged her frightened dog close to her heart.
“Shh—Cuddles—it’s ok. You are safe with me.” Dixie held Cuddles close and carried her down the sidewalk to her house.
“I should have named you Scaredy-Cat, I think,” Dixie teased her puppy, giving her a hug and a kiss on the top of her little soft furry head. “You’re such a bashful puppy.”

Cuddles awoke frightened from a bad dream. A big man was scolding her for eating his French fries in the dream. Cuddles ran away, hiding behind her mother’s body. The big man walked closer and shook his big finger at her. Cuddles’ mother growled at the man, who backed away then turned and walked in the other direction.
Cuddles stayed behind her mother, Spot, snuggling up to her mother’s warm and silky coat. Cuddles loved the safety and smell of her mother.
Lately, though, her mother had been cross and turned Cuddles away from nursing. Cuddles felt rejected and hurt and cried much of the time. Dixie made sure that there was plenty of dry food in the bowl by the kitchen door, but that just wasn’t as good as mother’s milk.
A group of children came walking down the sidewalk. One of them was bouncing a big rubber ball. Cuddles peeked out from behind her mother. She wanted to play with the children, but she was afraid.
“Will they hurt me?” Cuddles asked her mother. “I’m afraid of children. They are so loud and they run around kicking and bouncing things. What if they kick and bounce me?”
“Children are fun to play with, Cuddles,” Spot told her baby. “They sometimes get a little rough, but you can usually run away and hide until they forget and go on to a different game. When I was your age, I played with Dixie. She was a child then, and we had some very good times together. We grew up together. You are such a bashful puppy. You are missing out on lots of fun.”
“Really, Mom? What kind of fun?” Cuddle was curious, finding it hard to imagine her mother as a puppy.
“Dixie threw a ball and I would chase it and bring it back to her. This made Dixie happy and she would give me a treat. Sometimes we would lie back in the grass and watch the clouds drift by. Dixie had names for some of them. She’d say that one looked like a turtle, and other looked like a crocodile. I didn’t understand what a turtle or crocodile was, but I enjoyed being with her and spending special times together. You should go with Dixie and let her show you some fun times too,” Spot nudged Cuddles with her cold, damp nose. “Go have some fun, now. I want to take a nap. And don’t be such a bashful puppy!”

Cuddles tiptoed into the kitchen where Dixie was pouring puppy chow into her bowl. Dixie looked up and saw the bashful puppy.
“Oh, there you are, Cuddles. I was wondering where you were hiding. Are you ready to go for a walk?” Dixie reached for the leash that hung from the kitchen door knob.
Cuddles shrank back at first, afraid to go outside where scary things were waiting to hurt her. Dixie sighed and reached for Cuddles’ collar. “Bashful puppy! You’re afraid of your own shadow! I think you need to get outside more often so you won’t be so afraid. Come on, let’s go. I’ll show you some fun today.”
Cuddles shivered with fear and a little excitement. Maybe it would be fun to try doing what Dixie says. She decided to give it a try. She stood patiently, but quivering as Dixie snapped the leash onto her collar. Dixie opened the door and a warm soft breeze blew through the kitchen.
“Oh, it’s a beautiful day, Cuddles! We can go down to the park and watch the kids play ball, and the swimming pool will be open later this afternoon. That is always fun. I used to go there with your mother. We always enjoyed that.
Dixie stepped outside and tugged at the leash. “Come on, Bashful Puppy! We’re off to see the world.”
Cuddles trotted outside beside Dixie and off to the park they went. Cuddles had so much fun, she didn’t want to come home. She watched the children play ball, and chased a butterfly darting this way and that. She played in a pile of raked leaves, pouncing on them like they were rabbits.
She watched the children swimming and laughed at their silly antics in the pool.
When she finally returned home, she was tired but happy. After she told her Mom about her day, she ate a quick supper and trotted off to bed.
The next morning she went to Dixie to find out what fun was happening today. She rode with Dixie to the farm, where she met all kinds of new friends among the farm animals. Farmer Joe had some calves that loved to race around the meadow, and she even got to try some cow’s milk. She thought her own mother’s tasted much better, but it was still fun.
Cuddles decided not to be bashful anymore. There was too much fun waiting for her. From that day on, Cuddles was no longer Bashful Puppy.


  1. Jaxon says, "thank you very much" He is 4 and I read the whole thing to him! He listened intently to every word! Time to draw some pictures and make this into a book!

  2. I might just do that..thanks for the praise, and thanks to Jaxon for critiquing my story..I always appreciate an expert analysis of my stories..I have another story that I will post nearer to Christmas.

  3. Outstanding post however I was wondering if you could
    write a litte more on this topic? I'd be very grateful if
    you could elaborate a little
    bit further. Bless you!

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