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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Number Nine

Dennis and I are very proud grandparents. Number 9 grandchild arrived on Tuesday morning, May 6, 2008, in a big hurry. Mom, Dyan, thinking this would be like her previous 3 pregnancies, believed she had plenty of time before the baby arrived, and called Dad, Josh, home from his job in Clay Center to their home in Concordia.
Apparently, Baby had important things to do and was in a big hurry, because the trip to Salina was interrupted by an emergency stop at the Minneapolis hospital for the birth. Unused to delivering babies because of the proximity of Salina Regional Medical Center, a powerhouse of maternity care, the ER staff at Minneapolis handled the situation with professionalism and amazing calm assurance.
Five minutes after arriving at the Minneapolis Hospital, Baby Gunner Machiel arrived. After a short rest period and essential paperwork, the couple and baby were once again on the road to Salina, where Dyan was admitted for postnatal care.
This made 7 granddaughters and 2 grandsons for Dennis and me. We were thrilled to finally get another grandson. Colin, 12 at the time, told his Grandpa Dennis, “Grandpa, we’ve got to get another fishin’ buddy!” Of course, Dennis told him that we were no longer in control of that situation, and in fact, never were in control of that aspect of our lives. He recommended that Colin discuss it with his parents and uncles.
We were thrilled to welcome Gunner Machiel into the family. The name Machiel, pronounced Michael, is from the Johnston side of Dyan’s family, and is the actual spelling of her dad’s name, just in case you are thinking it is a typographical error. Josh always wanted to have a “Gunner”, even from before he was married, so you can imagine how thrilled he was with his new son.
Today, Gunner is a robust little two year old boy with a temper to match, who can stare you down with his “evil-eye look” that always tickles his grandpa. We don’t get to see Gunner or his three sisters as often as we would like, but we certainly enjoy them when we do get together.

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  1. Congrats! I had to comment because I saw the name Concordia, so I read on. When I lived in Texas and visited Nebraska, Concordia was always our stop. I fell in love with the place and hoped to one day live in such a beautiful town.

    Well as time and fate would allow, I found myself in a beautiful town, a little north of Concordia in Nebraska. :)


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